Intraocular Lenses


100% quality is the premise for 100% patient satisfaction.

This results in a wide range of IOL designs and optical performances, to cover various medical indications and to meet individual patient requirements.

For us, wide power ranges for extraordinary eyes that exceed ordinary standard ranges are as common as the niche products needed for cases that do not comply with the norm, for example special IOLs for sulcus-fixation in aphakic eyes after capsular rupture or with Marfan syndrome.

The product portfolio is built by following IOL-platforms:

• Aspira® – Monofocal-1P: the modern MICS capsular bag IOLs in extensive power range

• Diffractiva® – Multifocal IOLs for comfortable vision at all distances: near - intermediate - far

• Torica® – Toric IOLs for astigmatism correction

• Aspira®3P – Monofocal 3P: for highest requirements in terms of optic und haptic

• Add-On – The two-lens concept for precision in pseudophakic eyes